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My Story

A little about me:
Out of college I entered the world of travel. I was a Travel Agent for 25 years. It was a great ride! Countries and experiences that I would never trade.
In 2006, I went through the same as many others employer decided to close my office. Another new adventure in the form of Sole Proprietorship came my way. It was very challenging and exciting to try something totally on my own.
At the end of 2013 everything changed. I was diagnosed with cancer. Everything moved quickly......lots of tests led to surgery. All of 2014 was focused on treatments. With the amazing support of family and friends, I came out on the positive side of this life challenge.
For a few years before this, I had purchased Scentsy from my sister in law Kimberly Brent. It was after this experience that I finally made the decision to join the Scentsy Family.
At the time my Why was simple......I wanted to be more social after being restricted for a whole year. Getting involved with Scentsy provided me the opportunity to do that. Not only do I love the products, now I am part of a new support system.
I am impressed with the core values, as well as the truly caring and involved Scentsy Family. It goes along with my positive direction in life.
I am excited for the new opportunities and challenges. Sharing information, products, experiences, new friendships and hopefully travel opportunities going forward!
Live, Love, Learn and definitely Laugh!